I recently had a conversation with my friend Tom, a Sales Representative for Adobe, and he was telling me about Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite. Their latest software allows you to take publications developed in InDesign CS5 and export them into the Digital Publishing Suite, where you can add interactivity specific for tablet devices. It gives you the rich visual impact of print design combined with engaging digital interactivity. As a designer and as a client, what more could you ask for?

At CC, we understand that in this digital age companies have to find a way to deliver content that engages a technology savvy audience. With tablet devices becoming the “it” product, the demand for digital media is quickly increasing. According to eMarketer projections, tablets sales will reach just over 81 million units by 2012, a significant increase over the 15.7 million last year. The high demand for tablets, along with the cost savings that this type of media provides, further reinforces the notion that digital publishing is a viable channel for getting your company’s message out there.

Digital Publishing isn’t a “one size fits all” medium, but it might be something you consider adding to your media mix. Call, chat, or email us…we are hear to help you get the most our of your marketing and advertising.