If you were like me, you probably spent most of your childhood dreaming up the most imaginative ideas or scenes to the next phase of your life. Think back when you were a kiddo and remember all the things you wanted to be as a grownup.

As a young boy, I could not wait to “grow up” and become an astrophysicist, a teenage mutant ninja turtle, archeologist, architect, fire fighter and a family physician (you can laugh at my childhood dreams, I am). But somedays I still feel like that little brown boy who giggled spontaneously during class, chased cute girls around the playground or doodled while the teacher was lecturing about Christopher Columbus sailing the ocean blue. Now that I am nearing my mid 20’s, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. You can sense the frustration in my parents when they hear these words coming from the mouth of a college grad. Their glare of disappointment and cynicism stings a little, but inspires me to keep dreaming.

I did bounce around schools during my college career; changed my degree twice; travelled into the mountains to find my inner self. Finally, grace voluntarily pushed me across the graduation stage. I am willing to bet you have had similar experiences like these soul searching journeys. To me, the most fascinating sensation of all this is the obscurity of tomorrow. As much time as I spend calculating and dreaming of tomorrow, I don’t exactly know how my ideas will manifest. If you allow me to be perfectly honest, I am dead wrong most of the time! And you know what? This is totally cool with me.

Life has taught me that it is ok to take my share of risks and blind turns and turn out being wrong. I leave space in my life for a huge margin of error. Errors are a beautiful pattern to life and if you allow them, they can force you to discover new possibilities.