It has always been hard to provide a true assessment of the value your company’s website adds to your bottom line. We all know you need a website, but it serves so many different purposes it can be difficult to determine in “dollars and cents” what it does to pay for itself. Recently the technology has improved and now we are able to close some of the traditional loop holes that make this difficult: a business that has a clear picture of which marketing dollars generated revenue has a clear advantage over one that is spending marketing dollars with no real ROI numbers.

One of the problems is that 83% of people who search online for a product or service ultimately contact a business offline. But how do you know which of the calls you receive are a result of the website or other media? You can train the people who answer the phone to ask, but this has obvious limitations. We can now add call tracking numbers to your website and other media that allow you to differentiate where the calls are coming from. It is even possible to put different numbers in different areas of the site, i.e., specific landing pages (if you want to know more see the post on landing pages—click here).

But wait, there’s more…

We recently posted a blog on integrating Salesforce CRM with your website (if you want to know more about Salesforce CRM with your website—click here) we can integrate the call tracking service with Salesforce, too. What this means is that in addition to being able to track where the calls come from, you can now drop them directly into your sales team’s CRM. So every day when your sales team gets to work, they have a new list of prospects that have called for information and they know how the leads got there. “I noticed you called in response to our ad about such and such…my name is…”

In fact, we can also register this activity (the phone call) in your website’s analytics. That way you can track the phone calls as a function of the traffic on your site. Interesting stuff! This also works on publication advertising, mailers, and more. We can make your website and other marketing efforts work for you. Give us a shout!