Successful businesses usually have amazing websites with just the right combination of good copy, video, images, a sleek layout, and the use of the most appropriate font styles and colors. There’s truly an art to creating an optimum web site. One place where many businesses fail is the content on their site.

Too often, we see sites where the owner has tried to write his own content. Though you may be a terrific roofer, electrician, plumber, or estore owner, the chances are you’re not a professional copywriter. People think that because they know how to read and write, they’re automatically qualified to write their web content. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Do your own personal test. Check out a dozen or so websites. See if you can tell which ones were written by copywriters and which were written by the site owner or his spouse. It’s very easy to recognize copy written by an amateur. Lazy verbs and bland nouns permeate the text, usually mixed in with a fair amount of misspelled words, run-on sentences and sentences that just don’t make sense.

Well-written content tells website visitors that you run a top quality business. Once I ran across an electronics site with a home page headline that read:
“Highest Qality Electronics”

When a business can’t even spell the word “quality”, how can they expect potential customers to truly believe the company knows what quality is?

Though hiring professional copywriters can cost a bit more at the onset, it’s normally a one-time expense. Once your content is written, there’s usually no need to update it unless you add products and services. Of course, you’ll want to update your blog regularly, but normally your content won’t need much maintenance over the course of time.

Copywriters understand how to use language to get visitors to take action. Whether you want them to sign up, make a purchase or contact you, a good copywriter can make the offer seem appealing, inviting and even irresistible.

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