We had the privilege recently of working with QTRCO, a company that designs and manufactures innovative actuators, on a custom 10’x20′ trade show exhibit. This particular trade show was their first “solo” event, and they were out to make a solid impression. Being a small company, they did not have the man-power to handle the particulars of putting together a trade show booth, so they came to us.

As an established client, we already understood their products and what makes them so different (and way better!) from their competition. But the challenge was to work with a trade show company to design and build a booth that could accommodate several actuator models that ranged in size from five pounds to nearly a thousand pounds! Another challenge was to provide power to two working models which could be controlled through a single panel.

The last challenge was to make it so the booth would work at a trade show in China later this year… and to keep pricing as low as possible. If you’ve never had to display at a trade show, it can get real expensive—real quick.

Long story short, the project took nearly three months to design, and one week to build. As the project manager, we only showed proofs to the client that we knew were on target (there were nine proofs; the client only saw three). We supplied branding and art elements and directed the graphic design on the approved booth configuration. We worked with the trade show company to develop specifications and made sure bid proposals were accurate before passing them on to the client. We also designed a looping Power Point presentation to be played continuously on a large monitor at the show. In short, Contemporary Communications was the marketing department for QTRCO.

Things always look pretty stinkin’ special on paper, but the proof is on the trade show floor: this booth met every expectation and was a huge success! And that makes us very, very happy.

We have a lot of experience helping our clients with trade shows and exhibits. If you or your company needs help putting your best foot forward, give us a shout!