Website Launch Checklist Essentials.

So the copy has been written and the design has been perfected, final approvals either given or anticipated. For a client (and for us, too!), website launch time has been anticipated since the the project started, but before we allow a website to go live a we want to make sure that it is in perfect working order—no surprises allowed! So with all of our websites, we initiate a launch checklist that precludes any problems and takes care of the really important stuff…like SEO.

While checklist items may vary from project to project, here is a peek into just some of the essential checklist items we perform on all websites before launching:

  • Install/configure Google Analytics on all pages
  • Make sure site can be indexed by Google including checking Meta tags
  • Install/configure Google sitemaps (for better indexing)
  • Test ALL forms
  • Test all supported browsers and devices
  • Update Meta information such as Title and Description tags
  • Install/configure Web site security (malware, hacking prevention)
  • Install/configure SSL (https) certificates

Sound like greek to you? That’s okay, you don’t have to understand it—that’s our job. It’s is part and parcel of how we take care of our clients.

Some businesses feel like they’re getting a good deal with off-the-shelf website companies (where you buy a plan, choose a template and “plug in info and play”) what is usually not included is the hardcore back end features that really make websites shine. These companies think they’re saving a little money and getting a good website; what they don’t realize is that they’ve lost some critical functionality and features that would set their website for maximum exposure in the online marketplace. And invariably they wonder why they’re not getting the results they were hoping for.

If you’re thinking about a new website, or an update, or just need an opinion on what your next step should be with your website, give us a call. We’ll help you look at the big picture, and get you a website that works!