I guess no matter what business you’re in, if you have to apply your trade to yourself or your company, it suddenly becomes a nearly impossible, gargantuan effort. Nothing is good enough. It looks terrible. You compare it with everybody else’s. And it forever comes up wanting.

Such is the case with our own website. The whole crew over here has at one time or another expressed loathing, angst, frustration, and finally resignation. And this on a design that we all initially flipped over!

We’ve all calmed down. A little. Today we all even laughed over a little clever “something” that Will put in the background that no one can access unless you hit the right sequence of arrows—no, I’m not telling what it is!

But I think we’ve come to the realization that, exactly because it IS our website, it will never be finished. We’ll always be looking at ways to increase the cool factor, to make it more engaging, to optimally optimize the SEO.

Regardless, it’s a work in progress, and like family, no matter that it’s not perfect, it’s ours. Maybe one of these days we’ll all look back on it and think, “Wow! That was actually pretty good!”

But my guess is that won’t happen until we start redesigning it.