Invariably, when you discuss advertising on the internet, people want to know how advertisers use their personal information. It is an interesting question and one that is getting a lot of attention lately. Especially with the rise of concerns related to Facebook privacy. But have you given any thought to the information you put in your search engine?

Well, there is a new search engine on the scene to take on the giants and they want you to know how this information is being used. Mainly because they do not track your activity. This new search engine is called duckduckgo, funny name right? They are taking on Google and Bing with a simple premise, “we do not track you”. They have a few other nifty features that you might enjoy as well, such as, answers to questions and “zero click info”. If you ask a question that the search engine can answer, it displays the answer first. No need to click through to the page where they found the info…kind of cool.

See a marketing video put together by DuckDuckGo here: It will make you think next time you search.