Google is making an attempt to be more transparent about how their search engine works. And as a part of that they are offering up these videos of the weekly meetings they have to discuss new ideas. There are some really smart guys from google in this video discussing ten word searches and how this relates to the google algorithm

Those of you who follow this blog know that there are literally hundreds of factors in the algorithm that are considered every time you make a search query but this video gets into some nitty gritty details of spell checking on search strings longer than ten words. It’s interesting to see how this process really happens for the first time ever. Watch the annotations especially.

OK, so…interesting, but who really cares about ten word searches, right? Well you should! Internet users are becoming increasingly aware that longer search queries produce better results. A few years ago the average search was only 1.5 words but now the most effective searches contain 6 to 8 words. The average search has recently increased from 3 to 4…searchers understand this gives you better results.