Almost everyone knows that being “seen” on the web is a pretty big deal. But do you know how important it is to have a website that works with devices? Each day, the number of devices (by device I mean smart phones, tablets, smart tv’s…you get the idea) and browsers that need to work with your site grows. So I’m listing a few reasons why you probably want to give responsive websites some thought.

First off, let me start by clarifying what “responsive website” really means. Responsive websites respond to their environment—or in other words, it changes it’s design/layout to suit the device you’re viewing it on. So, whatever website you view on your computer will look different than it does on your iPhone (or any other smart phone for that matter). So, now that I’ve painted the picture for you a little bit, lets move on.

Reason #1
Technology is evolving. I know I’ve said it before, but seriously…every day, every minute, someone is coming out with some sort of new technology. It used to be that having a regular ol’ website was fine, you could get away with a straight forward, fixed layout site that was backed up by a mobile site. That means you’d be keeping up with two separate sites, sites that need to be maintained. Wouldn’t it be easier to have one site for every type of screen? A responsive website does just that!

Reason #2
Your site will be accessible 24/7. Wherever your customers are, whatever type of device they are using, they can access your site with no trouble. In a lot of cases, you could be missing out on potential business if your website is not available to those customers who only have a smart device. Don’t let that happen!

Reason #3
Search Engine Optimization–just another great reason to go with a responsive website. Responsive sites are good for your website’s SEO as every page on your site will have a single URL. You don’t have to worry about certain situations where some site links to your mobile site (if you even have one) while others link to your desktop site.

Oh, one last thing…did I mention that Google recommends Responsive Web Design? If Google recommends it, it must be a pretty big deal. Ready to get started on your Responsive Website? Give us a call or email us!