My name is Nicole and I am a Facebook addict. I check my News Feed at least a dozen times a day and I have been known to sit and stare at it for endless periods of time.

I jumped on the social media train early on in the days of Friendster and when my college got the coveted invitation to join Facebook in the fall of 2004, I was one of the first to sign up. What started as a vehicle for staying in touch with high school friends 2,000 miles away, is now my primary means of getting the score of the Rangers game, finding out about weekend sales at my favorite store, and receiving world news. I am not alone though! Facebook is currently 500 million users strong and with that many people sharing information, news that used to take hours, even days to reach the masses is now available with just the tap of a key or the click of a mouse.

While I could spend all day expounding why I personally think Facebook is amazing—I would be remiss in my duty as a social media savant if I did not explain how it can be a valuable asset to your business.

First of all, what you post is immediately accessible to everyone in your network and globally. You can spread controlled company message to a large number of people, in varying demographics, in a matter of seconds. As the single most viewed Web site, even beating out Google, you cannot afford not to have a presence on Facebook—plus, it’s free to create and share this content!

Facebook is also SEO (search engine optimization) indexed by Google. If content is properly written with these standards in mind (i.e. keyword placement, links to other sites, and rich content), the information you post to your Facebook page is immediately searchable on Google.

Additionally, with a Facebook page you have an opportunity to interact with your customers. In an age where we have so much access to information, customers actively seek out information about the products and services they use. With a social media presence you can do this and at the same time incite comments and feedback from consumers to foster the sense that they a say in what your company does.

Having the ability to communicate with the world so quickly and openly is truly what makes the world of Facebook and social media fascinating to say the least. At Contemporary Communications we know social media and we know what it takes to create engaging content that will drive consumers to your business. Give us a call and we can assess what social media outlets will best fit your company’s product or service, integrate them into your advertising mix, and teach you strategies to effectively market your product or service.