Over the last several years Google’s search results had become quite bloated with low quality content on websites that were using their ill-gotten search positions to drive up ad revenues and domain values, these “content farms” have been heavy on the hearts of the Google spam prevention team for well over the last year. Today, you may notice that Google has finally taken action against this type of exaction that has plagued searchers increasingly over the last several years.

Google deployed a new algorithm yesterday that has already impacted nearly 12% of search position in the U.S! This is a huge number considering most of Google algorithm changes usually go unnoticed. This change however will have farmers keeling over as they watch their revenues diminish significantly. Bravo Google! I personally applaud this undertaking, and look forward to future endeavors by the quality-over-quantity-loving minds down at Google headquarters.

It would not pain me to say that I would like to see an even greater step taken by major search providers, if these sites exist for no reason other than to collect revenue, and provide nothing of merit to the global web-o-sphere. Then why show them in search results at all? I say we strike all of them from the results, and not stop there. Domain squatters are another nuisance, and I personally do not think anyone should be yielding revenue on a domain that has no actual use to our online culture. Of course, that is just my own personal utopia. Hopefull,y one that will eventually become a reality—clearly I am a proud member of the use-it-or-lose-it club.