Probably like most geeks, I constantly check Twitter, Facebook, design/tech blogs, and Youtube to see if any relevant and life-altering information has leaked into the world. I have to confess that this original blog was purposed to tout the coolness of the iPhone 4S, but recently I had a change of heart, and I really feel I need to take a step back, pause, and attempt to reflect on this week’s events.

It only took one hour for the world to gasp. Wednesday afternoon, I, as well as others, learned of the untimely death of an entrepreneurial genius, Steve Jobs. Within the same timeframe, I also received the heart wrenching news that a family close to my heart—the Allen’s—had watched their beloved home burn to ashes. My broadened perception for things of that day shifted and suddenly I narrowed my focus to these two things. Over the course of the week, I curiously followed what others were saying over the loss of Steve and the Allen home. It moved me to read the outpour of love and support via tweets and status updates. Sure the news of Steve’s death spread worldwide in a matter of minutes, while it took a day for friends and family to learn of the Allen’s loss, but both circumstances caused an immediate reaction from people scattered varyingly across the world. The word had spread virally through social media.

I am intrigued that both stories affected large amounts of people in so little time and effort. The comments multiplied like a virtual mitotic event. The expressed condolences were warm, sympathetic and marked with sincerity. The phenomena I witnessed this week on the web felt almost like a memorial. The collaborative effort of others to share their common sympathies on social networks made this world feel a little smaller and connected.

I wish to extend a final goodbye and tribute to Mr. Jobs. A man who led with vision and passion, whose ideas literally manifested into our hands. May your spirit finds its way to the iClouds. To Marie and Bob Allen, I am deeply saddened by your loss – my thoughts and love go with you today and always.