I recently lost my iPhone. Actually, I lost it and someone decided to take it. And no, I did not have a password set up on it or any other security options. As soon as it happened it was if I had had my credit card stolen—I had to get on a computer right away to change all my passwords, call the phone company and go through their annoying line of security to have everything disabled. And I say annoying, not because the phone company was very thorough making changes to my phone (I appreciate that), it’s just that the whole thing was more than inconvenient!

What angered me the most was that I had photos and videos of my five-month-old baby girl in the hospital and some that I had not yet “backed up.”

The reason I am blogging about this is because technology such as the new smart phones is wonderful in so many ways, and now, because of the amazing features that are available many people have their entire lives on their phones: passwords, family photos and videos, credit card information, personal information, etc. Lose it and it is no fun… and you may have compromised a lot of very personal info, like I did. I learned a lot of lessons from this experience, but mainly what I realized is that I did not utilize available technology that could keep my phone in my possession and my personal information secure. I’m not very technology oriented, granted. But you don’t buy an air conditioner in Texas and only use the “fan” option because it’s too inconvenient to press the A/C button at the bottom. I’ve realized that sometimes you have to take the time to really learn about technology so that you can use it to your best advantage. I’ve realized that sometimes the inconvenience of the time and/or money it takes to implement that technology pays for itself in the long run.

It’s very much like your company website: are you using the technology that’s available to your best advantage? Technology that makes sure your site is up-to-date and easy to maintain? Technology that provides detailed information about what is (or is not) driving people to your site? It’s something to think about. You don’t want to be frustrated when you realize your website isn’t relevant because you never used available technology—either because you thought it was a time sink or just an unnecessary expenditure.

If you think your website isn’t working to it’s full potential, you’re probably right. Maybe it’s time to utilize some technology! Give us a call here at Contemporary Communications and let us help.